Santa Ana Solar Program

The City Council of Santa Ana has implemented a program to encourage solar power utilization.  A two-Year Permit Fee Waiver Program for solar energy projects. As part of the no fee Solar permit program, the city of Santa Ana will now perform reviews for plans associated with solar energy projects at no cost to the customer. As well as this, the city will also perform building inspections at no cost to the customer for all Santa Ana projects associated with solar energy.

The City of Santa Ana, in order to promote solar energy projects, has now begun a Solar Permit Fee Waiver Program. This applies to permits issued for Solar systems that produce energy or save natural resources. No Plan check Fees No Permit Fees No Inspection Fees. Using solar energy to generate electricity and to heat water qualifies a home or business for this incentive program Santa Ana’s Saddleback High School now has a new “solar forest” which will be part of a 3,600 solar panel array. The solar panels are part of a $12.5 million project that is expected to produce 800 kW of electricity. Saddleback High became the first school in the Santa Ana Unified School District to get such an upgrade which will produce 75% of the schools electric needs. Another added benefit is that students from the school will be able to study how much electricity is being produced, as well as how much carbon dioxide will be saved. The solar system which will cost $5.8 Million has a 25 year warranty and is expected to save $250,000 a year, but combines with other incentives will save $640,000 a year during the first five years. The Santa Ana Unified School District spends $7.5 million a year on utilities alone.

Anaheim, Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Tustin are Orange county cities that offer a program that allows homeowners to go solar with no upfront costs. The financing program is called Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE. For every dollar invested, homeowners are expected to save $2.24 over the course of time. Homeowners must meet certain requirements to receive the PACE financing. No money down is required. Interest rates are fixed and tax deductible. If the home is sold, the plan is passed on to the new owner. So far 121 California cities have signed on to this program and more are expected in the future.

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