LADWP Changes Solar Incentive Program

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is changing the Solar Incentive Program (SIP) due to requests to speed up the solar interconnection process. This will allow customers to get their solar systems up and producing energy faster than they currently are. As of, December 4,2015 customers and solar companies do not have to wait for their rebates to be processed in order to turn systems on. Both customers and solar companies will have to go through PowerClerk web-based tool to receive their solar rebate.

LADWP has consolidated the application process to five steps; 1) Initiate the meter installation process. 2) Begin the SIP rebate application. 3) Install your Solar System. 4) Connect your system. 5) Receive your check

The Solar Incentive Program (SIP) has been offering incentives to offset the costs of installing a solar system since 1999. The LADWP is committed to providing $313 million to support solar photovoltaic projects over 10 years, through 2016. LADWP provides a one-time payment to those who purchase a rooftop solar system to power their home and business while still being connected to the power grid. The grid will provide energy when their system is not generating power, such as nighttime and rainy days. When the system is generating excess power, the meter will run backwards and the excess energy is reflected as credit on their bill.

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