A Happy Customers Story

Buying your first home is super exciting! However, once the bills start to pile up on you, month and month, that excitement sadly wears off. Between my wife and myself, two graphic artists who’s very jobs depend on having our laptops within reaching distance of us at all times, our monthly electric bill was often times higher than we had initially expected. But when my college aged brother (video games, streaming sites) and her high school aged sister (WiFi, skype) & mother (cable news television, soap operas) moved in with us – our electric bill became ludicrously high!

The final nail in the coffin came when our last bill came in at a whopping 130 dollars for the month! Even with my brother offering to pay rent, this arrangement was not going to last much longer. With that said, my wife & I weren’t about to throw out our loved ones from the place they had learned to call home. What to do? Fortunately, my wife, brilliant woman that she is, soon began looking into solar cell energy panels for our home and came across an online advertisement for a company called Solar Zero.  Within days, Solar Zero came to our house and answered all our questions and worries.

They took care of all of the zoning and permits from the city as well as installation fees. Since we switched over to solar paneling through Solar Zero – our electrical bill has lowered considerably. We’re so happy – and as you might imagine, so is the rest of our family. Thank you, Solar Zero!

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